1. A copy of applicant’s form 990, if it files one, or most recent tax return.


2. A copy of applicant’s 501(c)(3) exemption from IRS.


3. If classified as a private foundation, it is likely that we will not fund the request.

    The reason is that grants to a private foundation must be distributed within 12 months,

    and so it can create problems for the PJM Foundation if applicants fail to do that.


4. If applicant is an operating foundation, it is generally what we are looking to give to.


5. If applicant has them available, audited financials are preferred.

    PJM Foundation needs to confirm that applicants are filing as a non-profit and determine how

    much applicant spends on programs, on administration, and how much fund-raising they do,


6. If a foundation has significant governmental support, we are going to be less inclined to give to it.


7. All grant requests should inform us what the funds are requested for, how it fits their mission,

    and how it benefits the community.

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